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For summer season 2024


The amazingly spectacular performances by Ukrainian theatres, which we presented this year on European theatre festivals were above all an opportunity to express solidarity with Ukraine. There were many tears of emotion from the artists and thunderous, endless applause from the audience. For all these experiences we are very grateful. The war brings destruction and suffering to Ukraine every day. These street theatres despite air raids, power cuts, continues to stage its performances and although it is too early to imagine precisely when the situation will allow us to resume normal activity, we are starting to prepare for future tours. We have special performances of the show Circus Colours for 2024. We warmly invite you to view the information material If you are planning to organise outdoor events in your city, please consider inviting this joyful performance. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the terms and conditions of the performance.
If you plan organizing some outdoor events in your city, please consider invitation of these  outstanding shows. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer questions about the conditions for the realizing of the performance.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact manager for further information.

Krzysztof Dubiel, manager
+48 601097695 | fax +4812 262 00 15

Inauguration of the 47th Zamość Theatre Summer


Until 25 June this year, i.e. the day of the inauguration of the oldest Polish theatre festival, the 47th Zamojskie Lato Teatralne, we did not quite know how to suppress our emotions connected with the effort of completing the cast of “Clowning exposure”. Although the three Kiev actresses from Spain had been in Krakow for a few days, we were still waiting for the others who had been forced by Russian bombs, right at the beginning of the war, to leave for the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden. And still those fighting in the ranks of the armed forces had to be replaced. It is not known what Force made all those who were supposed to be, arrive in Zamość. And the stories began: who, when and which way they escaped from the shelling, the barrels of tanks and artillery shells…. And then the Rynek Wielki in Zamość, the magical place of the “Padua of the North”, welcomed the Ukrainian artists as its own. As if that wasn’t enough, the Mayor of Zamość and the Director of Zamość Cultural Centre also welcomed our ensembles with fraternal warmth and invited the crowds to stop for a while. However, before the performance could begin, the anti-aircraft alarm sirens sounded and Vasily Bulat stood motionless in the empty square dressed in military moro. He reached for the attributes of a circus actor and discarded them as things now seemingly alien and unnecessary, and his gaze turned to a childish puppet, which he pressed with care to his heart. Thus began the show inaugurating the 47th theatre festival in Zamość.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024


We will soon be celebrating Christmas 2023, a time of extraordinary emotion, heartfelt kindness, reciprocating smiles and joyful carol singing around the Christmas table. May this time allow for reflection. For many people, despite the festive season of peace, it will be a time of senseless war, bringing suffering and destruction.
Evil does not go away.
Our partner theatres and artists from Ukraine, despite the alarms , rocket attacks, drone bombardment, sitting in shelters and basements, do not lose hope for peace and a full return to their activities and the theatrical stage.

I would like to thank all those who empathised with our performances in their towns and cities during the outgoing year, applauded the actors, supported and helped.
I wish that the coming Christmas will pour into the hearts of our Artists and Spectators of the performances , hope for a better time. May they bring peace to the world where we can enjoy street theatre. We want to welcome you to our performances with wide open arms, hearts and smiles!

Krzysztof Dubiel , manager, creative producer

We are planning tournees in the summer season in 2022.

Even though we are in the middle of wave 2 of the SARS Cov-2 pandemic and the plague is taking its toll, we constantly dream of returning to normal operation. The models of flattening the number of cases developed by scientists show that spring will bring a return to the situation from before the second wave, and that the upcoming season for a meeting with street theatre will be in open air. We are getting ready too! We believe that the performances that we had to present last summer will be shown in the warm and sunny months ahead. Responding to inquiries from you who prepare outdoor events, we are happy to inform you that the repertoire includes colorful performances of The Dance Pageant, The Harlequin Heart and for the youngest The Happy Fairy Tale about a Sad Princess. We will also be ready to put on an extremely joyful and colorful show realized in cooperation with the Vuala Theatre from Lviv (Ua), The Colowning Exposure. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our proposals and consider inviting the performance to your city.

please do not hesitate and call the office in Krakow (Pl): tel. +48601 097695, fax +4812 26200015, e-mail: info@kievtheatre.eu or use the form:

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    We are coming back from Iran with our shield. Jury Award!

    The 14th International Theater Festival in Mariwan (northeastern Iran) is behind us. Three performances of “Dance Pageant – Harlequin’s Heart (here: “Play March”), shown among dozens of theatre performances from 9 countries, brought to us a lot of joy from an extremely hot receptions. Unmerciful heat, costumes with covered necks and covered actress heads, hardships related to the technical implementation of performances , everything will remain only in our memory. In addition, great news: The jury of the Festival awarded the spectacle with distinction for arranging the theatre space.

    We return home very happily, despite the late hour and fatigue, a long trip by bus to Tehran, frequent checks on the route running along the border with Iraq and heat. However, we were pleased to host among friendly Kurds and Persians …

    The Dance Pageant has entered Iran.

    On the way to the Festival in the Iranian capital of Kurdistan Mariwana, we landed with the Kiev Street Theater in Tehran. Unfortunately, some costumes and stilts !!! they stayed in Istanbul. The gentlemen at the airport promised to deliver tomorrow
       On Saturday and Sunday we play specially prepared “Korowod Tanca” adapted to local cultural and religious conditions. However, we are convinced that such a spectacle presented here under the title “Harlequin’s Heart”, its dynamic scenes, the bravado of our stilt actors, humor, in total a piece of good street theater will make Widzow smile and leave viewers with a pleasant impression and beautiful memories.

    Dance Pageant in Cologne (Köln)

    September 14, 2019 in Köln, on the charming alley Heinrich-Böll-Platz, near the monumental cathedral of St. Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary, we were pleased with the German premiere of the street performance “Dance Pageant”. The viewers, most probably tourists from all over the world, spared no applause, shouts of recognition and admiration. The artists repaid their exceptionally beautiful acting and dance performances on stilts. All this meant that a stay at the Sommer Köln Festival will remain long in our memory.

    37th International Street Theatre Festival in Jelenia Góra.

    Our presence at the oldest Polish street theater festival in Jelenia Góra is a pleasure and honor. After all, it all began here. 37 years ago, a young cultural expert from Wrocław, Piotr Szczeniowski, persuaded the then director of the Lower Silesian State Theater Cyprian Norwid in Jelenia Góra Alina Obidniak for coloring gray towns of Lower Silesia by street theater. Today, the legend – the empress of street theater, director and director of theaters can proudly look at his work. All over Poland, street theater artists enchant countless crowds of viewers in the summer season. This year, in the cradle of street theater, our band showed two of their performances on Sunday. Immediately in the afternoon, not only for children, we staged a “Happy fairy tale about a sad princess”, and in the evening we enjoyed the thunderous reactions of the Spectators applauding the “Dance Pageant”. Truly the greatest Festival Audience.

    Nods to the audience of 37 MFTU in Jelenia Góra

    The clowning ended the XXII Open Theater Festival in Świdnica

    “The clowning exposure” ended the XXII Open Theater Festival. During the final performance, the crowd gathered in the Świdnica Market Square had the opportunity to see acrobatics, juggling shows, as well as dance accompanied by a fantastic play of lights. There was plenty of humor and interaction with the viewers.

    On July 7, 2019, after the premieres of performances in Krakow and Tarnów, the combined bands “Highlights” and “Lvivki” presented themselves on the Świdnica market square. Our performance was staged at the end of the three-day festival of open theater. Crowds of spectators said goodbye to our artists and this year’s Festival with thunderous applause.

    In the final performance prepared by artists from Ukraine, you could find the primeval sources of the clown, which originated in ancient Egypt, but also elements of a new circus using dance, music, theater, pantomime and even sport. In a spectacle full of magic, circus tricks, equilibristic performances, as well as acrobatics and artistic gymnastics, and stilt dances, the artists presented comedy scenes that allow them to have fun and interact with the audience. Artur Ciachowski Swidnica 24

    The premiere of the Clowning Exposure in Krakow

    Street in Krakow is behind us. The spontaneous and friendly reception of our performances in Krakow and Tarnów is remembered. All the artists from the “Highlights” and “Lvivki Voila” theatres were rewarded with fantastic efforts in preparing the premiere. Jerzy Zon and the KTO Theatre team, colleagues from other theatres! thank you for being able to touch the elusive at this year’s Festival …

    Camera and editing by Aldona Zielińska (zilalna 01)

    Artists from Ukraine (Kiev Street Theater “Highlights” and Lvivki Theater) presented a circus show titled Przystanek klaunada, showing a cross-section of the fair-circus traditions from the beginning of the clownade to the art of “cirque nouveau”. Various forms of circus tricks were used in the performance: equilibrium performances, artistic gymnastics and stilts dance. Attractive choreographically and visually the spectacle with beautiful music gave a lot of joy to both children and adults. 32. International Festival of Street Theaters “Ale Cirk!” Anna Małachowska, Na Scenie.info

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