The Dance Pageant has entered Iran.

On the way to the Festival in the Iranian capital of Kurdistan Mariwana, we landed with the Kiev Street Theater in Tehran. Unfortunately, some costumes and stilts !!! they stayed in Istanbul. The gentlemen at the airport promised to deliver tomorrow
   On Saturday and Sunday we play specially prepared “Korowod Tanca” adapted to local cultural and religious conditions. However, we are convinced that such a spectacle presented here under the title “Harlequin’s Heart”, its dynamic scenes, the bravado of our stilt actors, humor, in total a piece of good street theater will make Widzow smile and leave viewers with a pleasant impression and beautiful memories.

Dance Pageant in Cologne (Köln)

September 14, 2019 in Köln, on the charming alley Heinrich-Böll-Platz, near the monumental cathedral of St. Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary, we were pleased with the German premiere of the street performance “Dance Pageant”. The viewers, most probably tourists from all over the world, spared no applause, shouts of recognition and admiration. The artists repaid their exceptionally beautiful acting and dance performances on stilts. All this meant that a stay at the Sommer Köln Festival will remain long in our memory.

37th International Street Theatre Festival in Jelenia Góra.

Our presence at the oldest Polish street theater festival in Jelenia Góra is a pleasure and honor. After all, it all began here. 37 years ago, a young cultural expert from Wrocław, Piotr Szczeniowski, persuaded the then director of the Lower Silesian State Theater Cyprian Norwid in Jelenia Góra Alina Obidniak for coloring gray towns of Lower Silesia by street theater. Today, the legend – the empress of street theater, director and director of theaters can proudly look at his work. All over Poland, street theater artists enchant countless crowds of viewers in the summer season. This year, in the cradle of street theater, our band showed two of their performances on Sunday. Immediately in the afternoon, not only for children, we staged a “Happy fairy tale about a sad princess”, and in the evening we enjoyed the thunderous reactions of the Spectators applauding the “Dance Pageant”. Truly the greatest Festival Audience.

Nods to the audience of 37 MFTU in Jelenia Góra

The clowning ended the XXII Open Theater Festival in Świdnica

“The clowning exposure” ended the XXII Open Theater Festival. During the final performance, the crowd gathered in the Świdnica Market Square had the opportunity to see acrobatics, juggling shows, as well as dance accompanied by a fantastic play of lights. There was plenty of humor and interaction with the viewers.

On July 7, 2019, after the premieres of performances in Krakow and Tarnów, the combined bands “Highlights” and “Lvivki” presented themselves on the Świdnica market square. Our performance was staged at the end of the three-day festival of open theater. Crowds of spectators said goodbye to our artists and this year’s Festival with thunderous applause.

In the final performance prepared by artists from Ukraine, you could find the primeval sources of the clown, which originated in ancient Egypt, but also elements of a new circus using dance, music, theater, pantomime and even sport. In a spectacle full of magic, circus tricks, equilibristic performances, as well as acrobatics and artistic gymnastics, and stilt dances, the artists presented comedy scenes that allow them to have fun and interact with the audience. Artur Ciachowski Swidnica 24

Kiev Street Theatre Highlights