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Script based on Anatoliy Petrov work and directed by:  Alexandr Svietlakov
CAst: Maryna Mazepa/ Weronika Veremenko , Polina Kapustina/ Inna Hryschenko , Anatolii Marempolskyi, Alexandr Svietlakov, Oleksandr jr Svietlakov, Anna Svietlakova, Ivan  Khrchenko, Iryna Svietlakova, Alicja Kabała,  Kateryna Svietlakova.

A very lively, colorful piece of street theatre full of comedy, dance and interaction with the audience. The music and the costumes are stupendous and the performances brilliant , especially the bravura dancing on stilts to rock and roll and flamenco music. The show is full of magic and joy and stimulates the imagination while the cast have fun with old and young alike. This production is exciting both by day or night. A production beginning in a grand parade that brings to the mind the Carnival in Venice, and ending in the show merging into a concert. The heart of the show is love, of great importance are the props, costumes, and masks making reference to the folklore character of the play. The gusto of the choreography, including stilts dancing.

no words show, running time 60 minuts

In media:

22nd Film Painting Festival of Painting SUMMER WITH MUSIC in Nowogard.

On the second evening of the main events of “Lata z Muzami” at Plac Wolności, a group of artists from Ukraine performed in the presentation “The  Dance Pageant “. And Nowogard has not seen such a spectacle yet! Nine stilt walkers in a bravura manner presented a real procession of dances – from Latin American, through country, rock and roll, flamenco, to traditional Ukrainian ones. And all shown in a witty paratheatrical form, with a professional play of lights and sound. At the end, the artists invited the youngest Nowogarczyk audience to dance together and for a few moments everyone was spinning in a huge circle. Thank you once again for this unique artistic experience!



.. Then the Kiev Street Theater Highlights from Ukraine impressed by  performing “The  Dance Pageant.” Colorful costumes, thrilling music and stilt-dancing skills were something that you could honestly admire. When the artists finally invited the youngest viewers together, they did not want to let go of their hands. The first day ended with a strong accent for me.

Joanna Marcinkowska. Dziennik Teatralny Kraków

fot. © Elsburgh Clarke


The Dance Pageant ie a journey through the world with the Kyiv Street Theatre

The INQBATOR Theatre Festival has for eight years already  its permanent audience, which does not leave almost any spectacle. There are still people for whom INQBATOR is something completely new. It is known that the program of the festival can not be shown the same. You have to differentiate the style, the emotions, the forms of performances. There is no reason why the “THe Dance Pageant”, which was attended by Kyiv Street Theater – light, pleasant, and technically not at all so easy – was played in the finale of the second day, just after an extremely difficult show. Applause for the organizers – after a long moment of reflection: calming and a moment of unending joyfull play.

“The Pageant  dance ” is a vibrant, full of colors, music and a thin spectacle in which a spectator can dance in a half-world journey. What was not here? Ukrainian folk dances and Spanish flamenco. French fiery hits and American rock and roll. The funny formula attracts the audience to play, but it also activates and makes it forget even for a few moments of everyday life. All you have to do is to surrender to the all-encompassing need of chirping and we are already in heaven.

The Kiev Street Theatre has a number of advantages that make the carnival atmosphere so infecting viewers. It’s not like it’s enough to turn on music so people have fun. Where to start? From artists! You can see right away that most of the actors are after ballet schools (or other dance schools). Even on the stilts there is no lack of grace, the movements are fluid, the gestures are finished. It looks very nice. For this costumes, multicolored, shiny and light, which should be to catch the eye.

I looked at the layout and I was amazed at how great work was done to make the difficult evolution and layout seem as if it was a jumble. Believe me – t was not.

The good-looking audience did not want to say good-bye to their fans. Bishops were needed, and later had fun together. Dance artists and audience were mixed. Our (very young) neighbors from behind the Ukrainian border left behind a really good impression.

Włodzimierz Neubart / chochlik kulturalny

Photo Gallery of Moja Ostrołęka

Circus, Rio de Janeiro, butterflies, flamenco … – all appeared in Swidnica Market joined in a dance procession. Open Theatre Festival and its evening performance Viewed crowds gathered residents. The audience saw a lot of hits on the stilts and each rewarded with thunderous applause..

Today’s performance called “Dance Pageant” on the New Town has brought viewers a lot of fun.

Very interesting proposal was Kiev Street Theatre Highlights of the show “Pageant Dance”. The show was a spontaneous combination of acting with dancing on stilts in the charmingly colourful costumes. He was accompanied by instrumental music of Yann Tiersen and Astor Piazzolla when rock’n’roll and carnival rhythms straight from Rio de Janeiro and flamenco music. Great admiration aroused stunts and daring dance on stilts, there were also flying butterflies, fireworks or jumping rope and a small artist’s performances.

Kiev Street Theatre Highligts presented tonight “Pageant Dance”. A feast of colors, great music, the richness and variety of costumes and of course amazing, even the actors sometimes Competitive allowed towatch the spectacle with great curiosity, even in the pouring rainPhotoolga

The actors danced on these old cities bumps on stilts. They showed remarkable show. my everyday life

Enjoy street theatre