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The Dance Pageant reached Lithuania

On September 16 we performed with the spectacle “The  Dance Pageant ” in Salcinikai(Lithuania). A colorful festival of street theatre was organized by the Cultural Center in the City Park, which was not only the venue of our dance shows on stilts, but also the place of interesting performances and theatrical spectacles of ensembles from Poland, Lithuania and the Woskresinnia Theater from Lviv. The colorful decor of the City Park, numerous stands and attractions for the youngsters brought in crowds of residents and guests of Sołecznik. We are glad that our performance has generated many joys and smiles of the viewers. Congratulations to the Center of Culture for organizing a fantastic event dedicated to everyone regardless of age and creating a unique family atmosphere.

The InQbator Theatre Festival in Ostroleka (Poland)

On September 5 at the InQbator Theatre Festival in Ostrołęka we presented the spectacle “The  Dance Pageant”. The performance was spontaneously received by the audience.
The Kiev Street Theater has a number of advantages that make the carnival atmosphere so infecting viewers. It’s not like it’s enough to turn on music so people have fun. Where to start? From artists! You can see right away that most of the actors are after ballet schools (or other dance schools). Even on the stilts there is no lack of grace, the movements are fluid, the gestures are finished. It looks very nice. For this costumes, multicolored, shiny and light, which should be to catch the eye. I looked at the layout and I was amazed at how great work was done to make the difficult evolution and layout seem as if it was a jumble. Believe me – she was not. The good-looking audience did not want to say good-bye to their fans. Bishops were needed, and later had fun together. Dance artists and audience were mixed. Our (very young) neighbors from behind the Ukrainian border left behind a really good impression. Włodzimierz Neubart, cultural chochlik