Dance Pageant at the 27th International Outdoor Meetings with Art Ż’ART – 27 in Żary

On August 11, 2018, the Kiev Street Theater Team performed as part of the 27th edition of the International Outdoor Meetings with Art Ż’ART 27 at the Market Square in Żary. The festival, whose sources date back to the oldest street theater festival in Jelenia Góra and successfully led from the beginning by Roman Krzywotulski, director of the Żary Center of Culture, gave the Theatre a cordial and hospitable reception. The evening performance gathered crowds of viewers lively applauding our actors. This experience is an excellent confirmation of the thesis about the uniqueness of smaller centers, whose charm of residents stimulated by art, acting brings a lot of affection and mutual kindness. Thank you, Żary!

Hot (35 ° C) acceptance of the Dance Pageant in Krakow!

On July 5, at over 30 ° C, dressed in colorful and truly warm costumes, we began our performances at the International Street Theater Festival “31st Street” in Krakow. The spontaneous ovation and applause of watching the spectators brought solace to the hot Actors. The heat from the sky did not interfere with the creation, together with the festival audience, of a great spectacle. Krakow is Krakow! Magic place.

fot. Krzysztof Kościelniak

The Dance Pageant on the 31st Street in Krakow and in Oświęcim and Tarnów.

Recently – to our satisfaction – the Procession of the Dance enchanted the viewers of “La Strada”, and we have more performances ahead of us.

We are pleased that at the invitation of Jerzy Zon, artistic director of the International Festival of Street Theaters in Krakow, our street performance “The Procession of Dance” will be shown on the Main Market Square on July 5 at 18.00 and 8 July at 8.00 a.m. . We invite residents in Oświęcim on July 6 at 18.00, and on Saturday, 7 July at 20.00 we will play for the residents of Tarnów.

The performances in smaller centers give us a lot of joy. In the near future we will play, among others in Dobre Miasto, Nowogard, Żary, Nowy Sącz, and Zgorzelec.

STREET – International Festival of Street Theaters is one of the oldest events in this part of Europe dedicated to the world’s outdoor theater. Organized by the Teatr KTO since 1988, it has become recognizable in Poland and the world, with an annual audience of 60-100 thousand. people. Every year for 4 days of July Krakow turns into a great outdoor stage, and the art goes beyond theatrical buildings, galleries or museums. The festival focuses on Krakow’s squares, both residents of the city and the region, as well as many tourists from all over the world arriving in Kraków. During the 4-day theater holiday, on the most beautiful outdoor scenes in Krakow (Rynek Główny, Mały Rynek, Rynek Podgórski, Jordan Park, Bednarski Park), a 100,000 audience will admire about 80 theater events.

La strada 2018. A great parade at the beginning of the 25th Festival of Artistic Street Operations in Kalisz.

June 14, 2018. The jubilee 25th Festival of Artistic Street Operations in Kalisz La Strada began with a great colorful parade. Śródmiejska Street and Rynek Główny became the biggest theater stage in Poland on this day, during which we presented together with our colleagues from the Voskresinnia Theater from Lviv and several dozen artists from Kalisz a joyful procession, announcing that LA STRADA 2018 was launched.

In the evening, on the square of the organizer La Strada – Center of Culture and Art in Kalisz we showed a street performance “The Procession of Dance”

fot. Bartłomiej Hypki©

June 15, 2018 “The Dance Pageant” at the 25th International Street Art Festival LA STRADA in Kalisz!

This year LA STRADA celebrates the 25th anniversary. On this occasion, the organizers invited theaters and performances to the city, which were permanently recorded in the history of the festival, determining its specificity. in 2002, we presented the play “Between the Sky and the Earth, and in 2014 the premiere” The  Dance Pageant”. Thanks to the invitation of the Organizers from the Center for Culture and Arts in Kalisz, this performance will be shown this year as well. We invite you to Kalisz on June 15 at 21.30 to the square at Łazienna str 6.