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script and directed by Oleksandr Svietliakov , Yuriy Phylypchuk

Cast: VUALA: Yurii Pylypchuk, Vasyl Kohut, Yulia Skyba, Liubov  Kirianova, Kostiantyn  Pataman, Ihor Novikov,Volodymir Chukhonkin, HIGHLIGHTS: Alexandr Svietlakov, Oleksandr, Jr Svietlakov, Anna Svietlakova, Ivan  Kharchenko, Iryna Svietlakova, Alicja Kabała, Viktor Shtefan, Iuliia Kuzovkina and Maria Svietliakov

Zdjęcia i montaż Aldona Zielińska (zilalna01)

The production has been prepared as part of the Polish-Ukrainian cultural project in which the artists of Theatre Vuala (UA) perform next to our actors . The Clowning Exposure has been premiered on the the 32. Ulica International Street Theatre Festival in Krakow (PL), whose idea was to show the mutual relationship between the theatre and the circus. This is how the idea came to connect the theatre with the circus show.

The style of the show goes back to the primeval sources of clowning, which originated in ancient Egypt, and also contains some elements of the new circus, using dance, music, theatre, pantomime and even sports. It is a comedy full of magic, circus tricks, balancing feats, acrobatics, artistic gymnastics, dances on stilts and  interaction with the audience. .

The show lasts 60 minutes

PREMIERE on June 4th 5th , 32. Ulica Street Theatre Festival in Krakow (Pl)

photo Joanna Wypiór

“Clowning Exposure” ended the 22nd Open Theatre Festival. During the final performance, the audience gathered in the Świdnica Square had the opportunity to see acrobatics, juggling shows, as well as dancing accompanied by a fantastic play of lights. There was no lack of humor and interaction with the viewers. Artur Ciachowski ,

The entire last weekend, the very center of our city was full of theatrical ecstasies. The XXII edition of the Open Theater Festival came to an end. This unique event in the whole country every year enjoys unflagging popularity. On Sunday evening the event was highlighted by the spectacular and lively spectacle “Clowning Exposure” performed by the Kiev street theatre “Highlights” and the Vuala theatre from Lviv (UA). Moja Swidnica

Artists from Ukraine (Kyiv Street Theater “Highlights” and Vuala Theatre) presented a circus show entitled Clowning Exposure, showing a cross-section of circus and circus traditions from the beginning of the clown to the art of “cirque nouveau”. The performance used various forms of circus tricks: equilibristic performances, artistic gymnastics and dancing on stilts. The attractive choreographically and visually spectacle with beautiful music gave a lot of joy to both children and adults . 32. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatrów Ulicznych „Ale Cyrk!” Anna Małachowska, Na