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(…)Ukrainian artists delighted with beautiful costumes, perfection in acrobatics, juggling and dancing on stilts. They created a show whose content perfectly reflects its title. We saw clowns in many guises: characters from fairy tales and legends, juggling, performing acrobatic stunts – also on stilts. And all at a good pace, with atmosphere-building music (with recognisable excerpts from well-known classics and popular hits). Light, smoke, balloons and shiny elements of costumes and scenography are all attributes of street art, which the Ukrainian artists use to perfection with great awareness. No wonder, then, at the long applause they received from the audience in Jelenia Góra after the performance. 38th International Street Theatre Festival in Jelenia Góra Urszula Liksztet, Nowiny Jeleniogórskie.

Artists from the Ukraine presented a circus show, showing a cross-section of fairground and circus traditions up to ‘cirque nouveau’ art. The show made use of various forms of circus tricks: stunts, artistic gymnastics and dancing on stilts. The choreographically and visually attractive show, accompanied by beautiful music, was a lot of fun for children and adults alike. 32nd International Street Theatre Festival “But Circus!” Anna Małachowska, Na

Circus Colours” by the Ukrainian Vuala Theatre attracted an even larger audience of several hundred people at 7pm.

Nine actresses and actors presented a lavish street performance, combining elements taken from a theatrical performance and a circus show into a coherent whole, enriched with elements of interaction with the children’s audience. These artistic and fairground elements blended together perfectly, with circus tricks, stilt walkers, juggling shows, gymnastics and acrobatic displays juxtaposed with comedy scenes which were more than just a circus show.

Wojciech Chamryk, https://www.4lomza.p

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