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Script based on the folk story and directed by Oleksandr Svietlakov ,

Costumes Iryna Svetlakova

Cast :  Iryna Svietliakova, Kateryna Svietliakova, Maryna Mazepa/ Alicja Kabała, Oleksandr Svietliakov, Oleksandr jr. Svietliakov., Anna Svietliakova, Weronika Weremenko, Anatolii Marempolskyi, Wasyl Bułat.

A story well-known from farewell for good night , genuimely enriched by our theatre and enlarging with some new themes. The difficult task of amusement of a sad princess is undertaken by the Black Prince, who has the services of a three-headed dragon and a cheerful musician who is helped by Baba Yaga and  a hut  as standing on chicken legs.
This street show is full of humor, funny situations and interaction with the children’s audience. It is dedicated not only to the youngest audience.


no words show. It’s runnig 50 minuts


A failry talefor a sad princess
Once upon a time, early in the spring,

In some country we do not know,

Many, many years ago,

In some far away kingdom,

Many, many miles away,

Honest people gathered once

To see the daughter of the king,

Young Nesmeyana, crying.

The king ordered to issue a decree,

Which was announced at once.

It said: “Our only daughter

Is the most beautiful in the world!

But she does not know how to rejoice

, She never smiles,

She doesn’t know how to laugh,

But is crying From the morning till the night,

The entire daylight!

She can’t stop, and that is why

I promulgate this decree

And open my palace

To anyone who agrees,

Wishes, and knows the remedy

To cheer up the princess,

To heal her from her affliction,

So that she stops shedding tears

And becomes good and cheerful!

This fine young man

Who will heal the princess and

Who will cheer her up —

Will lead her to the altar!

And in addition I will grant them for the wedding

Half of my kingdom,

And another half

Will be theirs after my death!



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