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Script and directed Oleksandr Svietlakov, light design Krzysztof Dubiel, costumes Irina Svietlakova

Cast: Viktor Shtefan/ Zazian Tihran/ Aleksandr Svietlakov, Oleksandr, Jr Svietlakov, Anna Svietlakova, Katerina Svietlakov, Ivan  Kharchenko/ Petro Dmytrenko, Iryna Svietlakova, Alicja Kabała, Dariia Khramtsova, Iuliia Kuzovkina and Mariia Svietliakov.

The style of the show goes back to the primeval sources of clowning, which originated in ancient Egypt, and also contains some elements dance, street theatre, pantomime . It is a comedy full of magic, dances on stilts and interaction with the audience.The artists tell the story of Harlequin wandering in search of his dream beloved. Comedy scenes allowing for fun and interaction with the audience complete the spectacular nature of the show. No words show lasts 60 minutes

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