50 years of culture in Lubin

June 30 this year The market in Lubin was probably the hottest place in Poland. The organizers from the Cultural Center “Muza”, despite the ubiquitous heat, did not give up, prepared refreshing water curtains and a giant shower. As announced, exceptional air acrobatics shows began by the artists of the Ocelot Theater, a 15-meter dragon from the Groteska Theater in Kraków flew majestic over the Market, and artistic workshops for children and their parents took place in the shade of the tents. In such a hot and joyful atmosphere we started the “Dance Pageant”. A friendly tower obscured part of the Market Square, where numerous spectators applauded our actors with great applause. The cheerfulness of the presented scenes, dynamic dance performances on stilts probably meant that no one remembered the still prevailing heat and the final stage of the colorful spectacle was applauded for a long time.

We thank the organizers from the Muza Culture Center for the invitation and hospitality. Viewers for a truly warm welcome to the performance. Congratulations to all for the spectacular Jubilee!

photos by Ewa Chojna

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