The premiere of the Clowning Exposure in Krakow

Street in Krakow is behind us. The spontaneous and friendly reception of our performances in Krakow and Tarnów is remembered. All the artists from the “Highlights” and “Lvivki Voila” theatres were rewarded with fantastic efforts in preparing the premiere. Jerzy Zon and the KTO Theatre team, colleagues from other theatres! thank you for being able to touch the elusive at this year’s Festival …

Camera and editing by Aldona Zielińska (zilalna 01)

Artists from Ukraine (Kiev Street Theater “Highlights” and Lvivki Theater) presented a circus show titled Przystanek klaunada, showing a cross-section of the fair-circus traditions from the beginning of the clownade to the art of “cirque nouveau”. Various forms of circus tricks were used in the performance: equilibrium performances, artistic gymnastics and stilts dance. Attractive choreographically and visually the spectacle with beautiful music gave a lot of joy to both children and adults. 32. International Festival of Street Theaters “Ale Cirk!” Anna Małachowska, Na

Oh, What a Circus! 32. Ulica Festival of Street Theatres in Krakow. And our Opening Evening!

At this year’s Festival of Street Theaters, 32. ULICA, whose dominant feature will be showing the mutual symbiosis of the circus and street theater, we will show the premiere spectacle entitled “The clowning exposure”.

The Clowning Exposurea performance is inspired by the art of theatrr and circus. The aesthetics of the performance goes back to the primeval sources of the clowning, which originated in the 5th century BC in ancient Egypt, but also contains elements of a new circus that uses dance, music, theater, pantomime, and even sport. In the harlequin’s magic journey in search of perfect love, viewers will see dynamic scenes full of circus tricks, equilibristic performances, as well as acrobatics and artistic gymnastics, as well as dances on stilts.

Photos from the pre-premiere performance of The clowning exposure which has shown at Kalisz La Strada, photos CKiS in Kalisz.

32 ULICA. Street Theatre Festival. Oh. what a Circus! Krakow, 07/07/07/2019

50 years of culture in Lubin

June 30 this year The market in Lubin was probably the hottest place in Poland. The organizers from the Cultural Center “Muza”, despite the ubiquitous heat, did not give up, prepared refreshing water curtains and a giant shower. As announced, exceptional air acrobatics shows began by the artists of the Ocelot Theater, a 15-meter dragon from the Groteska Theater in Kraków flew majestic over the Market, and artistic workshops for children and their parents took place in the shade of the tents. In such a hot and joyful atmosphere we started the “Dance Pageant”. A friendly tower obscured part of the Market Square, where numerous spectators applauded our actors with great applause. The cheerfulness of the presented scenes, dynamic dance performances on stilts probably meant that no one remembered the still prevailing heat and the final stage of the colorful spectacle was applauded for a long time.

We thank the organizers from the Muza Culture Center for the invitation and hospitality. Viewers for a truly warm welcome to the performance. Congratulations to all for the spectacular Jubilee!

photos by Ewa Chojna

Kiev Street Theatre Highlights