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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

We will soon be celebrating Christmas 2023, a time of extraordinary emotion, heartfelt kindness, reciprocating smiles and joyful carol singing around the Christmas table. May this time allow for reflection. For many people, despite the festive season of peace, it will be a time of senseless war, bringing suffering and destruction.
Evil does not go away.
Our partner theatres and artists from Ukraine, despite the alarms , rocket attacks, drone bombardment, sitting in shelters and basements, do not lose hope for peace and a full return to their activities and the theatrical stage.

I would like to thank all those who empathised with our performances in their towns and cities during the outgoing year, applauded the actors, supported and helped.
I wish that the coming Christmas will pour into the hearts of our Artists and Spectators of the performances , hope for a better time. May they bring peace to the world where we can enjoy street theatre. We want to welcome you to our performances with wide open arms, hearts and smiles!

Krzysztof Dubiel , manager, creative producer

Enjoy street theatre