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Inauguration of the 47th Zamość Theatre Summer

Until 25 June this year, i.e. the day of the inauguration of the oldest Polish theatre festival, the 47th Zamojskie Lato Teatralne, we did not quite know how to suppress our emotions connected with the effort of completing the cast of “Clowning exposure”. Although the three Kiev actresses from Spain had been in Krakow for a few days, we were still waiting for the others who had been forced by Russian bombs, right at the beginning of the war, to leave for the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden. And still those fighting in the ranks of the armed forces had to be replaced. It is not known what Force made all those who were supposed to be, arrive in Zamość. And the stories began: who, when and which way they escaped from the shelling, the barrels of tanks and artillery shells…. And then the Rynek Wielki in Zamość, the magical place of the “Padua of the North”, welcomed the Ukrainian artists as its own. As if that wasn’t enough, the Mayor of Zamość and the Director of Zamość Cultural Centre also welcomed our ensembles with fraternal warmth and invited the crowds to stop for a while. However, before the performance could begin, the anti-aircraft alarm sirens sounded and Vasily Bulat stood motionless in the empty square dressed in military moro. He reached for the attributes of a circus actor and discarded them as things now seemingly alien and unnecessary, and his gaze turned to a childish puppet, which he pressed with care to his heart. Thus began the show inaugurating the 47th theatre festival in Zamość.

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